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NEW WEBSITE COMING AUGUST 13 !!!  We were originally looking to launch August 6 - but we are experiencing some delays getting the content.  Here are some cool things we are working on right now:

- Nicer looking design and a more user friendly

- Improved layout to properly outline and describe the rank requirements

- Provide additional resources for students to study

- Creating an easier way for students to see which events are upcoming

Our next PROMOTION TESTING will take place on Saturday, August 25, 2018.  If you have been approved by either Ms. Tang or Master LeGrow  - please confirm that you are registered with Andrea.

We also would like to give everyone a "heads-up" that as of Monday, August 6.  We will no longer allow members under 11 years old in the Teens & Adult Class for two reasons: 

1)  With the increase in teenager and adult members, it is becoming more dangerous for smaller children in the class!

2)  It is a designated class for people 12 years of age and older and to maintain the maturity and pace of the class -It is important to move the younger children back to their designated time slot.

Please have a look at the schedule to see the appropriate class times to see which is the correct class time for your child!

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